A Birthday Celebration

On a breezy and beautiful Sunday afternoon, the  Friends of Shoseian presented Chanoyu to a private party of 29 guests at Shoseian teahouse.

16-2013-07-21 15.25.33

The occasion celebrated the 92nd birthday for a sharp and witty great-grandmother who had visited Japan many times with her husband. Her memories of Kyoto are especially dear to her heart as she proclaimed “I feel like a queen!”, sitting as shokyaku (first guest). Grandchildren from Israel and Colombia traveled to join her for this very special occasion.

14-2013-07-21 15.00.39

20-2013-07-21 15.51.42

 To celebrate a birthday in an ochaseki was a first for all guests!

21-2013-07-21 16.06.14

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the time together, and dined on the patio with bento boxes and birthday cake.

15-2013-07-21 15.17.48

“If the water of our tea is drawn from the depths of mind
Then we have true cha-no-yu.”

Sen Rikyu