Music, Dance & Tea!

Spring brought a fresh scent and a breeze of light to the Shoseian Teahouse on May 11, 2013. A joint event with the hard-working staff of the City of Glendale proved to be a joyful occassion for all in attendance.

11-2013-05-11 016

Traditional Japanese music and dance delighted our eyes and ears, and set the tone for a beautiful outdoor demonstration of Chanoyu, the Tea ceremony.

01-2013-05-11 028


Many were in attendance for the tea ceremony demonstration. We received several new members, as well as wonderful donations for the renovation of Shoseian Tea House!

02-2013-05-11 056



“I have toured the world with the goal, ‘peace through sharing a bowl of
tea.’ Taking a bowl of green tea in your hands and drinking it, you feel
one with nature, and there is peace. This peace can be spread by
offering a bowl of tea to another. I hope you will drink and share this
peace with me.”

Sen Soshitsu XV
Hounsai Oiemoto, Tea Life, Tea Mind