A New Season

Welcome to the official page of the Friends of Shoseian! We are a group organized to preserve the Shoseian Teahouse in Glendale, California and to promote Chado: the Way of Tea (or Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony) through various activities and presentations. Please read the About section to learn more.

We hope that you will join us for a warm bowl of tea one day soon. Until then, we would like to begin this blog by sharing with you the significance of Shoseian. The name of our teahouse, Shoseian, means “Whispering Pine.” It is derived from the poem written by the Third Generation Grand Tea Master, Sen Sotan, that describes the delicacy of the tea ceremony and its ability to encompass and enliven all the senses, as well as the spirit.

If asked the nature
of Chanoyu,
say it is the sound
of windblown pines
in a painting.

In gassho,   the Friends of Shoseian